About Tim

Here’s all you need to know — when I was five, Mom bought me a typewriter so I could make little newspapers about the Buffalo Sabres. That means I’m dedicated, but not always right. I honestly believed Daren Puppa over Tom Barrasso was the right move. Covering the Sabres, Bills, Niagara basketball and hockey, etc., has been simply incredible. Having good teams to cheer about is great, but having great people to cheer them on with is exponentially better.


3 responses to “About Tim

  1. Tim,

    Glad you’ve got the blog going. I always enjoy your point of view … even when it’s wrong.

  2. Michael Sullivan

    I’m sure Barrasso will gladly show you his Lord Stanleys if you ask him nicely

  3. Keep it coming Tim. You have alot of talent in my opinion. Y ou make the local paper very exciting. If I could offer one suggestion it is to deliver more of the sense of humor you have ion some of your articles. I bet it would be very refreshing.

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