Siena’s game as good as Syracuse’s, maybe better

NCAA Siena Ohio St Basketball

Last week’s six-overtime Big East thriller between Syracuse and UConn was a riveting battle of attrition, but was it well played? Many have challenged that fact. Great theater, bad basketball.

In contrast, nothing about Siena’s double-overtime win over Ohio State was of low quality. The Saints got a huge pair of 3-pointers from Ronald Moore, but battled toe-to-toe throughout the contest. And give the Buckeyes their due — they by no means did the Big 10 a disservice.

But the magnitude of the game — the winner continued its season — made Friday night’s game even more important. Syracuse’s win was a thrill to watch, but didn’t change much in the grand scheme of things.

Siena’s win, meanwhile, gave a conference credibility and earned the Saints a crack at the nation’s top-ranked team.


One response to “Siena’s game as good as Syracuse’s, maybe better

  1. Sienna had a great run but I have to disagree with you that the Saints game is better than SU’s. Strength of schedule says it all: SU ranked 12; Sienna 61. And no offense, but the MAAC pales in comparison to the Big East. Sienna has a nice team but c’mon Tim, better than SU. Think with you head, not your heart….

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