Tourneys mean nothing, but Flynn’s effort still incredible

BEast Syracuse UConn Basketball

Six overtimes speak for themselves. You didn’t have to watch Thursday’s Big East quarterfinal to know it was a classic basketball game in every sense of the word. Emotions ran hot. Guys who don’t ever play were on the floor when the game was decided.
But while Syracuse’s win over UConn was the greatest I’ve ever watched, it really didn’t mean a thing. Maybe it knocked the Huskies out of a No. 1 seed, but it probably shouldn’t.
Nothing reminded me how ridiculous conference tournaments are as an innocent question my better half asked: Why was this such a big deal?
I didn’t have an answer.

Now that I’ve knocked the merits of a classic confrontation, to watch Jonny Flynn’s smile light up Madison Square Garden the way it did the Wolvearena was the highlight of the year.
We knew Flynn was special when he led Niagara Falls to a state title, but the moment when I realized how special he’d be was the Under-19 World Championships, where Flynn was the ringleader on a team that featured Stephen Curry, Michael Beasley and Deon Thompson.
Imagine how good he’ll be on a team of NBA stars?
I’ve got a feeling we’ll find out soon.


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