Get Benn off the point


Bilal Benn is a monster. The guy’s everywhere on defense, has a knack for reading where rebounds are headed, and has been a pretty good finisher for Niagara in his first season on Monteagle Ridge.

But with guys like Anthony Nelson and Rob Garrison alongside him in the backcourt, Benn doesn’t need to be handling the ball much. He did it plenty against Siena on Saturday — most likely in an attempt to match the junior against taller, slower forwards. And while he only had three turnovers, all three were unnecessary. One was just a sloppy pass. Another, he tried to get too creative in the lane and dish it down low.

Benn isn’t horrible with the ball in his hands, but he’s on a team filled with guys who are great. With one of the most creative wizards in the league on the roster — Nelson had 10 assists on Saturday — the Purple Eagles are best if Benn gives it up and gets to the glass.

(FYI — that is our guy Jonah Bronstein staring blankly in the back of this photo while wedged between Benn and a defender. Also, our friend Amy Moritz from the Buffalo News is at the table. Kudos to our photographer for getting both college beat writers in one shot. And the action, too! Anyone have an idea what Jonah’s looking at? A cutie in the N-Zone perhaps?)


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