Life without Rick — will it ever be the same?

It’s a question Sabres fans have long pondered — will watching a hockey game be the same without Rick Jeanneret in the booth?
Sure, Rick has been down for a game or two in the past — and Kevin Sylvester, for example, did a capable job filling in — but once we realize the shrill of that voice has finally called its last goal, will the Sabres experience be the same?
I suspect not.
Jeanneret has been adamant in the past about his distaste for the road. He’s taking this radio-only road trip off. And he’s certainly earned a chance to sit with the feet up on the recliner and take in a few of these games at home.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping it happens any time soon, but it’s time to be realistic. Rick’s days behind the mic are winding down.
But when he’s no longer the one making the calls, I wonder if hockey games will ever be the same?


One response to “Life without Rick — will it ever be the same?

  1. The hockey fans of WNY will certainly miss RJ. I know I will. His is the only voice I associate with the Sabres. I remember Ted Darling but RJ’s voice is THE voice of the Sabres.
    It is a shame that people outside of WNY have almost no idea what they are missing out on when it comes to RJ calling a game.
    The Sabres, and us Sabre fans, will miss him dearly and we can only hope he has at least one more year in him.
    Ever since I was very small I have dreamed of RJ making that call “The Sabres win The Cup! The Sabres win The Cup!”..


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