T.O. — not T.O.tally ready


So, want to know how NOT to have fun on a Sunday? Get in your car (or your Bills beat writer’s car), get hassled at the border by a woman who looks like she hasn’t smiled this century, trudge through traffic that starts in Oakville, then try to get off at the Spadina exit — all to watch the team you grew up following put a measly field goal on the board.

As I said in this Monday’s column, this was not a home game. This was an embarrassment.

Here are a few extra notes:

• Here’s your laughable justification for the week — a person with the Bills PR department said the reason for the Dolphins’ majority support was Ricky Williams’ large following.


I realize Williams embraced the city, but he was hardly a franchise player while in T.O. In fact, the one season he played in Canada, he finished eighth in the league in rushing. There were only nine teams.

So in 12 games, Williams commanded such overwhelming fanaticism that 35 years of getting our football games on the tube was washed away. Yeah, this relationship should work well.

• Did you know there’s a Spot Coffee across the street from Rogers Centre? Apparently, a group of Buffalo investors have condos up in the Toronto area, and decided they missed the a little slice of Elmwood Avenue. The barista — that’s way too cool a name for a guy pours coffee — said the same group is looking to expand north of the border, but for now, it’s the only “Spot.”

• While the Bills are moving indoors at least twice a year, it’s still a possibility that the CFL’s Argos will move outdoors to BMO Field. That’s the 20,000-seat stadium where the MLS team plays, and it’s on the right side of the Gardiner Expressway as you’re driving into the city. Looks like a great spot, and would probably be an intimidating environment for a football game.
Why? Let’s see … the seating would hug the sidelines tightly, and it’s OUTDOORS!
At least someone understands the advantage part of “home-field advantage.”

 • As Jay Skurski and I pulled into the parking garage, he noticed that it read 15 degrees outside. At the same time, we noted the giant condos and skyscrapers going up all around us.
But remember, it’s the weather that stifles our economic climate here in Western New York.


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