Bills bits: Good idea, let Trent throw it long!


Here’s a point about Sunday’s excruciating loss to San Francisco originally made by colleague Jay Skurski, but only made worse in light of Trent Edwards’ groin injury:
Why in the heck would Dick Jauron and Turk Schonert keep Edwards in the game for the final play of the first half — one in which Edwards could have tried to heave the ball 60 yards into the end zone?
As Skurski brought up in the press box, J.P. Losman might be worthless in the pocket, but he’s surely got a bigger gun than Edwards. Why not use the guy with the better cannon to throw the hail Mary?
BUT THEN … when we found out after the half that Edwards’ groin was bothering him — Jauron even said going to Losman was a move “we maybe should have made earlier” — leaving Sir Trent in there is even more ridiculous. A heavy pass rush didn’t let Edwards get wide enough to throw the ball downfield — although James Hardy didn’t know what side he was supposed to be on anyway. But in light of the injury, maybe Edwards wasn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of winding up with everything he had for such a low-percentage play.
• Best line in the postgame press conference room: Losman got combative with the media when asked about the misuse of time outs, saying “you aren’t getting anything out of me in here.”
As soon as he walked out, a Rochester-area TV guy said, “that’s OK, we didn’t get much out of you out there, either.”


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