Mr. Tony? Nervous?


As part of the Monday Night Football hoopla, it’s always fun to see national faces scurrying about the press box. I approached Tony Kornheiser and asked if he was heading through the buffet line like the rest of us media types, but the veteran reporter insisted he can’t hold food down when he’s about to hit the national stage.
“I get too nervous,” Kornheiser said. “Pretzels. That’s all I eat before I go on.”
He then stopped and tapped my shoulder before heading into the booth and added, “but I’ve done plenty of these lines. Forty years worth while I was with the Washington Post.”
Nice enough guy.
• Another interesting thing from the box — a number of members of the USS Freedom, which docked Sunday in Buffalo as part of a tour of the Great Lakes, got to meet the MNF gang in person.
As he approached one of the crewmen, our local connection to the spotlight reached out his hand, smiled and said “Ron Jaworski,” as if the young man might not know who he was. Humility. Must be those Western New York roots.


One response to “Mr. Tony? Nervous?

  1. I think Kornheiser has been infinitely better on MNF this year than he was last year. He seems much more comfortable – much more like his PTI self. I think replacing Theisman with Jaws made Tony more relaxed. Sometimes he’s still annoying, but overall the broadcast is much better. (And if you listen to ESPN’s ombudsman it’s also gotten better because they’ve cut down on in-booth guests. But I would have loved to hear Jim Kelly blabber on about being boozed or his new hair in the booth for the Bills game).

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