Weekend in New England: When will this strong yearning end

Bills Patriots Football

So it sounded like fun, working the Sabres-Bruins game, then following with the Bills at Pats. Didn’t work out so well. Bills fans are still waiting for a win over the Patriots. It feels like a lifetime ago that Sam Adams rumbled into the end zone.

Here are some random thoughts from a Weekend in New England that had us all teary-eyed:

• That marked my third trip to TDNorth, and it’s still just lacking. Not sure what it is, but there’s something so blah about the venue that makes you see why the Bruins have had trouble rebuilding their mystique. I’m sure for Celtics games it’s fine, but there’s little life in the place. In fact, I sat in the far end of the press box, near the production crew which does the in-house stuff. One guy came sat down and made a crack about how loud the music was. An employee responded, “that’s what they want. Louder, louder, louder. Makes it sound like people care.” Hmmm…

• The best part of Saturday was the oddest. My friends and I stumbled into a private party for the Williams-Amherst rivalry football game at a place brashly called The Greatest Bar. Rich kids pretending like they’re passionate for Division III football, all in the name of day drinking, was entertaining. Williams finished on top.

• The stories about Route 1 in and out of Foxborough are all true. What a nightmare. Making matters worse, parking at the game was 50 bucks. Incredible.

• Give Bob Kraft credit for successfully turning Gillette Stadium into a Disneyland for football fans. I couldn’t stand Disneyland, so that’s not a total compliment. It’s a football stadium in the middle of a new mall. Gritty. Wonder if that’s where Belichick gets his style.

• OK, self-indulgent moment — I spent Monday at Newport, RI, which is my new favorite place, by the way — and was about to leave town when I spotted this. Cardines Field is, perhaps, the oldest baseball stadium in America. It’s open for debate, but if you’re looking for authenticity, the bartender at The Mudville Pub, where I snacked and had a pint of Oktoberfest, said it’s the oldest. Anyway, the NECBL’s Newport Gulls still play there, and I can’t imagine what this place is like on a warm summer night. Incredible.


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