Sabre bits: One down, plenty to go

Here’s the good news about Friday night’s win, the Sabres picked up two points. The bad news is the Sabres are mired in the middle of the Northeast Division standings. Don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Here are some goodies from Friday’s home opener:
• Good thing it takes officials a bit to remember Derek Roy’s reputation. Although he clearly got dumped in the first of Steve Begin’s penalty spree, Roy seemed to help the second one. Won’t take long again until refs won’t call either.
• Speaking of Roy, don’t miss his defense. Once, Saku Koivu got a cross-ice pass that he’d have surely deposited behind Ryan Miller, but Roy’s back-checking saved the day. He has a tendency to dig the puck out in tight spots at both ends of the rink. (Bonus Bit: He finished the night with a meal at Mother’s with a group that appeared to be his family).
• Toni Lydman admitted before the opener that he stunk last season. He’s one of those guys I expected would have a big rebound season. If Friday’s game was any indication, I was way off-base. Aside from his swipe that saved a goal in the second period, Lydman again looked like he was fighting the puck all night.
• While there are other options, if you’re thirsty for game time computer chatter, check out Scott Leffler’s new game blog here. Scotty loves hockey almost as much as he loves Libertarianism.


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