The movie set that is University of Phoenix Stadium

Ever go to an amusement park and they’ve got one of those fake towns erected for the 5:15 shootout? That’s what University of Phoenix Stadium feels like. First, the place is in the middle of nowhere, even if it’s closer to somewhere than it was three years ago. Feels like Disneyland.

Then, since it seems so empty, they’ve built a strip of bars and shops that stands about a block and a half, but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. They haven’t built it around the stadium, but behind the Arena. So there’s very little there, but what there is, you have to walk around a hockey rink to get to.

Hmmm … someone trying to make Buffalo’s city plan look smart?

Say this, though, the inside of this place is incredible. I’m still blown away. The light that leaks in, the sightlines, the concourses — everything about it is done right once you get beamed up.

As for the Bills, they stunk. You saw it. Can they continue to play soft zone in the future if Terrence McGee’s out of the lineup? Not if they hope to win.

If you’re up for more pain, Jay and I wax poetic on the podcast.
We gave Professor Russo the week off. Call it his bye. But we’ll twist his arm next week for grades.


2 responses to “The movie set that is University of Phoenix Stadium

  1. listen stud, the national fixes league is predetermined ahead of time and you, like the rest of the fans are the sucker for believing the sport is legit

  2. All the shops and the entire Westgate concept was built around the arena though… The plans for University of Phoenix Stadium came after both…

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