Bills Bits: After a win at Jacksonville

Bills Bits collected while thinking I saw fewer empty seats and more enthusiasm at a CFL game in Hamilton a few weeks back:
• Think an offensive coordinator doesn’t make a difference? Same offensive personnel, very different results through two weeks of this season.
While Turk Schonert hasn’t done everything right, he’s started strong, finished strong, and made bold decisions when necessary.
The biggest call of the game on Sunday?
It wasn’t the touchdown throw to James Hardy. It was the guts to throw a deep corner to Lee Evans on third and six at a crucial juncture.
In the past, the Bills would have sent four guys out just beyond the first-down marker, and the defense would have jumped the routes and batted the pass into the turf.
Instead, they pulled Robert Royal in motion and had him settle in as an H-back, giving Edwards extra protection to the side in which he wanted to throw. And give Edwards plenty of credit — he stepped up and delivered an absolute strike.
That’s the kind of play that won’t just pay dividends this week, but will force defenses to respect the long ball at crunch time in the future, too.
• Anyone else notice the Bills have started using Evans as a blocker more? They still pick their spots to Josh Reed’s side, but the comfort in running behind their No. 1 receiver is yet another reason Russ Brandon and Co. better find a way to get him signed quickly.
As he continues to add facets to his game, and his bond with Trent Edwards strengthens, he becomes more valuable to a team that suddenly looks like a legitimate contender.
• I’m comfortable admitting when I’m wrong — Ashton Youboty has been a difference-maker. Not just his sack off the corner in the first quarter, but he was the Bills best tackler throughout. Who saw that coming?
It’s certainly not to the point where I feel comfortable with Youboty locked up with anyone on the outside, but he has resurrected his career in the span of about two months.
• Who’s the wisecracker that dipped Chris Kelsay’s gloves in Crisco? With Marcus Stroud next to him, Kelsay seemed to have a free shot at running backs every other play. Unfortunately, he struggled to wrap anybody up. Of course, he wasn’t the only who struggled to make tackles. Expect plenty of tackling drills at practice on Tuesday, fellas.
• My favorite TV cliché has long been “presence of mind.” As in, David Garrard had the “presence of mind” to get outside the tackles before he threw a ball away in the second quarter.
What exactly constitutes “presence of mind?” Understanding the rules?
• Best TV commentary — Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker wondering why the Jaguars would wear their dark jerseys during the hottest game in franchise history.
• Boy I hate to be that guy, but it’s possible the Bills head to Arizona undefeated in a few weeks.
Think this town might be buzzing a bit if that happens?


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