Bills in T.O. today: Overkill?

I asked a friend of mine from the Crystal Beach area what the reaction was about the Bills’ meeting with Pittsburgh in Toronto?

The response: “Is that this week?”

Just because we’ve been freaking out about the first “home” preseason game being played in Rogers Centre, most of those who live on the maple side of the border aren’t quite as excited. Here’s a parallel — when the Blue Jays finally announce their all-but-certain marriage with the Buffalo Bisons, a few clowns like me will call around with excitement. But the masses will shrug their shoulders and skip right over that story.

While filling in on Channel 7 Tuesday, I listened in on the pre-game preparations — extra reporters, plenty of cameramen, lots of airtime. Is it worth it? As one of my co-workers said early this week:

“This isn’t the Super Bowl. I don’t get why we’re treating it like it is.”

Here’s a story from the Democrat and Chronicle on the festivities that includes this great excerpt:

Christopher Lesko, 39, a construction worker from Toronto and a Bills season ticket holder, prays the team remains in Orchard Park because a move here would shut out average Joes that make up the backbone of fans. “This city doesn’t deserve the Bills,” said Lesko, decked head to toe in Buffalo gear.

He called tonight’s game “propaganda” for the rich. “The Bills are my only team, and to me, that blue collar mentality gives guys like me, a reason to cheer. Maple Leafs tickets, you can’t afford them. Toronto sports are for rich people, country clubbers, and that’s not me.”



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