Gorge-ous — A name Jonah Bronstein can’t stand

I came up with the idea for an eight-part series hiking the trails of the Niagara Gorge Trail System before the summer started. The original intent was to get different sports celebrities to take part in the hikes … say we’d have Charron Fisher do Devil’s Hole or Andrew Peters try the Whirlpool. Needless to say, that never panned out and I went it alone. It’s been surprisingly popular, and I’ve gotten e-mails from various places around the country.

• I started with a trip to the river’s edge at Artpark
• Followed it up with a mistake-filled trip to Devil’s Hole.
• Took another into the Great Gorge Railway Trail.
• Enjoyed a picture-perfect day with my feet in the Whirpool.
• Then last week, became a rebel by hiking another Artpark trail that was deemed closed.

It’s been an incredible series of trips, and one I’d recommend if you haven’t done — or even if you just haven’t done it in years. What’s been as much fun as taking the trips is listening to the sports guys give me a hard time about writing a series of hiking articles. Then hearing Jonah tell me the name is cheesy.

His choice? “Take a hike.”


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