New go-to quote: Donnie Spragan

I don’t remember too much about Donnie Spragan from his appearances at Ralph Wilson Stadium, although I do remember him, which means he was making plays. I’ll tell you this from a quick exchange at camp this week — Spragan is an instant go-to quote guy.

We’ve all got ’em.

For the Sabres, Jay McKee was a long-talker (and that’s not a bad thing when you’re a reporter), Daniel Briere was comfortable and boyish, and Brian Campbell was genuine, even through some really tough times.

With the Bills, London Fletcher was always smiling and wide-eyed, George Wilson is as introspective as a football player can be, and Lee Evans is always smooth and obliging.

Throw Spragan, a former Miami Dolphin, into that category, and he’s only been here a few days. When I asked Spragan about swapping sides in a rivalry — although Miami doesn’t consider Buffalo the same arch-enemy as is the reverse — he was open, honest and professional.

“My allegiance is to the guys I’m sweating with,” he said.


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