Leading Off: Ratings up? NHL should have known

It’s a good thing those Puckheads are made of foam — all the better to cushion the blow when serious National Hockey League fans start pounding their skulls against the wall.
Not surprisingly, TV ratings for the Stanley Cup finals are sky high over recent seasons. Wondering why? Because the cities that still have teams alive know that Franzen is a high-flying center, not a boxed wine.
This all begs the eternal NHL headscratcher — why is the league still desperately trying to maintain false hope in the Sun Belt?
As Brian Campbell said on Wednesday, San Jose is beautiful, but it’s not a hockey town. Same for Miami. Phoenix. Anaheim.
Maybe a supercharged Finals between two honest hockey cities will finally put the league in perspective to higher-ups.


3 responses to “Leading Off: Ratings up? NHL should have known

  1. As much as I hate Detroit, I must admit that it’s nice to see two teams with some hockey heritage competing for the cup …

    Worth noting, of course, is that Buffalo has the highest TV ratings outside of Detroit and Pittsburgh … and Minnesota (another hockey haven) is right up there, too.

  2. Michael Sullivan

    We made a good run, and it was nice to see Malkin show up last night, after Crosby got banged up…doesn’t like the second fiddle status I guess.

    Regardless, well done calling it in 6.

    Three months, until we begin the rumble, yet again in the Burgh. Bye Bye Hossa, its been nice having ya.

  3. There are many problems with the NHL and in my opinion the league is headed for another lockout as salaries spiral out of control again.
    But those ills can all be solved by firing Gary Bettman. Why it has not happened yet is beyond me.

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