Anchorman Challenge, round 3

“God no, it smells like, like a used diaper … filled with … Indian food. Oh, excuse me …”

Sorry Matt, Veronica Corningstone’s not diggin’ the scent your Round Two picks were giving off.

As I said earlier, we’ve set the flukes aside and gotten down to real hockey knowledge, which explains why I won three of the four series in Round Two in the Anchorman Challenge with Channel 2’s Matt Pearl.

Picking your spots is crucial — in the first round I gagged on the Ottawa pick, but in the second round, I picked Dallas in a six-game upset. In the conference finals, I’m not feeling any upsets … so:

Pittsburgh over Philly in 5: I genuinely think the Flyers have more in the tank than they’re getting credit for, but in the end, you can’t deny Hossa, Malkin and Crosby. In this round, at least.

Detroit over Dallas in 5: How do I slam a team that just got me the biggest win of the competition? Objectivity. The Wings are good, and deep. While Marty Turco’s been great, there’s only so much he can do alone.

No big upsets. No limb I’m leaning out on. But as we saw in Round Two, just good picks.

FYI, you can read Matt’s picks here.


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