Huh? Superfly’s alive?

Here’s the quirkiest story out of today’s Niagara County sports headlines — Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka will wrestle in Lockport on June 14 in a fundraiser for the Buffalo Gladiators semi-pro football team.

Here are a few questions (and I’m trying to not think about this for long):

• How did the Gladiators get hooked up with Snuka? Is he an NYAFL fan? Snuka’s probably got seasons for the CNY Express, right?
• Jimmy Snuka’s still alive? According to Wikipedia, Snuka was born in 1943, making him not just eligible for the Champions wrestling tour, but also his 401k.
• Where’s Cap’n Lou Albano?
• (From photo above) When did Robert Blake start wrestling?

And last but not least …
• Who’s going to help this guy when he slips a disk trying the Superfly Special?

This might be worth the 10 clams just for answers.


One response to “Huh? Superfly’s alive?

  1. Someone just alerted me to this post.

    Wasnt at the match, but, upon hearing from a “reliable source”:

    1) The match lasted about 5 – 7 minutes , mostly of the other wrestler (“bad guy”) stalling and acting scared.

    2) Snuka jumps off the second rope, not the top one like he used to….And the other wrestler basically catches him and lets himself be pinned.

    3) God Bless Jimmy, but there comes a time to hang it up. Some wrestlers were still able to put on a respectable showing into their late 50’s (Ric Flair, Terry Funk). Unfortunately, others keep going because they need the $. “Legacy” means nothing in pro wrestling.

    4) How’d he get hooked up for the Gladiators? For about $350 and travel + “expenses”, you too can have Jimmy wrestle at your fundraiser….

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