Resurrection — Anchorman Challenge, round 2 results

Sometimes, when a guy on the mound gets a big lead in the first inning, he starts mentally planning the post-game party. Who’s crib would be best? Did I finish off the Grey Goose? Think Rocket’s bringing McCready or Daly’s wife?
Next thing you know, sliders start coming in belt high and the game’s tied. Party over.
That’s kind of what happened with the Anchorman Challenge between myself and Channel 2’s Matt Pearl. After making some dumb mistakes early (I really thought the Senators might surprise), Pearl lost focus and put one right in my wheelhouse.
Here’s how it played out:

After Round One, Pearl held an 11-8 edge with the rules as such — 2 points per correct series winner, 1 bonus point per correct number of games. Round Two was clearly more indicative of our hockey knowledge.

I picked:
Montreal over Philly in 5: Oops. Sorry, Danny.
Pittsburgh over N.Y. Rangers in 6: So close to a bonus point.
Dallas over San Jose in 6: Ding, ding!
Detroit over Colorado in 6: Aging Avs turned in early.

Matt had:
Montreal over Philadelphia in 7: Ouch.
NY Rangers over Pittsburgh in 6: Ouch.
San Jose over Dallas in 6: Ouch.
Detroit over Colorado in 6: By picking prettier uniforms, my 8-year-old daughter probably could have gotten one of four right.

So …
The scoreboard has changed dramatically.
Schmitt 15, Pearl 13.

Expect my picks on Wednesday for Round 3. And expect Uncle Mo to stay seated in my dugout.

I will give TV Boy credit for one thing — I threw him a text at 2:30 a.m., right after Brenden Morrow scored in the fourth OT, expecting he’d be ticked to open his phone the next morning to trash talk. He called 10 seconds later, meaning he sucked it up and watched all four OTs, even though he was working in the morning. Too bad there’s no consolation prize.

In honor of the Resurrection, I dropped a little Geto Boys below.


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