Tuesday’s column: Sabres must sign Gerbe

As I said in a column in Tuesday’s Gazette, the Sabres better make signing Nathan Gerbe a huge priority. This guy has set the hockey world on fire as few college players have in the past 25 years.

“The trials of Gerbe — and to a degree, Tim Kennedy — illustrate the best and worst the Sabres organization has to offer … Buffalo pulled Gerbe out of a fifth-round hat, the latest in a long line of draft-day heists. … But word has it the Sabres are tossing their typical low-ball offer, assuming fifth-round money will appease a fifth-round draft choice. It won’t.”

If he sneaks onto the U.S. team in the upcoming World Championships (he originally came in just for training camp), and does anything, the Sabres will have to give him a max deal.


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