Leading Off: Robinson kills UB’s momentum

From Saturday’s Niagara Gazette:

Just when you thought UB basketball was back, Andy Robinson, who led the men’s basketball team in scoring last year, made what can only be chalked up as a ridiculous mistake by posting on his Facebook site that he’d pay to have a paper written for a class he’s taking.
What makes the mistake so crucial is the timing. UB was finally riding a positive wave after signing two quality recruits in Titus Robinson and Mitchell Watt.
Robinson (Andy, not Titus) will probably get a simple slap on the wrist for the infraction, largely because he was blockheaded enough to post it where everyone could see. Coaches and administrators were given a chance to catch him before the gaffe became really costly. We’ve criticized good guy Reggie Witherspoon in the past for squashing momentum by rotating too many players in and out.
This time, one of his players did it for him.


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