Rethinking major league baseball

Maybe it’s too much time in the sun. Maybe it’s reading all these stories about Western New York becoming a megalopolis, although I’m still iffy on that one. But after reading a story in today’s St. Petersburg Times, maybe it’s time we rethink the possibility of Buffalo supporting major league baseball. Here’s the thing: It’s not just the crowds Buffalo gets (the Bisons rank second in IL attendance through the first few weeks), but the proximity to other teams in the AL East or Central. How many people would come in to see Niagara Falls if the Herd met the Tribe? Or how about if the Jays came down the QEW for a series? I’m guessing Buffalo could do better than the 8,269 that showed up at Tropicana Field on Tuesday to see the Jays and Rays battle for third. Just like we’ve done with the Sabres, using the city’s proximity to bigger cities to bump up attendance figures, a baseball team would probably draw visitors, especially since a trip to the falls during July while in town to see the Bisons-White Sox series sounds a lot more appealing than a trip to WNY to see the Bears at the Ralph in December. Wouldn’t the Orioles draw pretty well here? How about the Red Sox? An interesting note in the SPT column above – only three teams have been worst in league attendance in MLB history for seven straght seasons, and all three failed to see an eighth season. Tampa is flirting with its eighth straight season at the bottom of the MLB barrel this year. Time to swoop?


4 responses to “Rethinking major league baseball

  1. Didn’t I ask you about this a couple weeks ago and you said, “no. no. no.” Or am I thinking of someone else?

    We get two “kids packs” for the year, which gives us tickets for the kids for eight (non-Friday) games this year. So we just have to buy tickets for ourselves.

  2. Maybe you planted the seed!

  3. I’d love it, but my guess is most people here would be disappointed. Given the huge number of AL teams in proximity to the WNY metro area, MLB wouldn’t ever give us what fans really want here. And that would be a team that could take a run at the Yankees and Red Sox.

    Though I’m a big proponent of NL ball in general, you can’t deny a team that doesn’t bring in the regional big hitters would have an attendance problem. Flip side argument, I can’t imagine Buffalo drawing much more than 8,000 for games against the Pirates, Rockies, Giants, etc. on most nights.

    Of course, I’d be one of the 8,000, so what do I care?

  4. That Devil Rays – Jays game was not played in Tropicana Field, but at Disney World’s stadium which seats 8,000. So far this year the Devil Rays are averaging almost 19k per game. I liked this article, although I liked it more the first time i read it on buffalobaseballblog.

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