Watch the Dolphins fall …

It’s another Travel Tuesday – last week that meant Wrigley – and this week I’ve been lucky enough to find my way to sunny Fort Lauderdale, which is about as picturesque as it comes. So while sitting by the pool, I opened today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinal, a great paper that gets overshadowed by the Miami Herald. Anyway, the Sun-Sentinel ran the obligatory NFL draft story and a good column about how Bill Parcells is already manipulating the system, then came a realization of how far the Dolphins have fallen. The Sun-Sentinel runs a standing feature on the front page about Jason Taylor’s dance routines on “Dancing with the Stars.” On the front page of the sports section! Wow. I wonder what recipes Ronnie Brown favors? Or what Ricky WIlliams grows in his garden? Wait, I think I have an answer on that one. It just shows you football ain’t what it used to be in this town. Let’s go a step beyond – one of the Sun-Sentinel’s writers is even blogging about Taylor’s experiences on the show. Lemme say it again. Wow.


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