Wrigley yesterday

Wow. Wrigley on Tuesday was perfection. The weather was warm, the beverages were chilly, and the baseball was great. Although the one failing of Tuesday’s Chicago win over Cincinnati was Alfonso Soriano’s ridiculous injury, the Cubs got the bats rolling early and often and put a sound whuppin’ on the Reds. Some notes:

• Say what you will about Jay Mariotti on the “Around the Horn,” the guy’s a great writer. His piece in Tuesday’s Sun-Times about Dusty Baker’s return to Wrigley was just another day at work. I love the three-showers-a-day dirty line.
• News flash — Kerry Wood brings the heat. It was something to see Wood work the ninth. And his move to the pen seems adds legitimacy to a team that’s had little in the past few years. Mariano Rivera has been second to Tiger Woods in scaring opponents silly with reputation. With Wood lurking in the Wrigley pen, I’d be willing to bet Cubs’ opponents will be pressing.


One response to “Wrigley yesterday

  1. Looks like you had an awesome time… envy envy! Wish I had been there with you.

    BTW …the Sens in 6??? OUCH!

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