Wrigley tomorrow …

Indulge me for a sec — especially since my buddies from the Ultimate Sports Road Trip get to do this kind of thing all the time. Courtesy of the Southwest “Ding,” which teases me with low fares every morning on my desktop, we’ll be taking in Tuesday game between the Cubbies and Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley. Great stuff. And it won’t just be me — Bills writer Jay Skurski will join me aboard the Southwest bird at 6:30 a.m.; we’ll meet up with former Tonawanda News managing editor Carly Peterson, who now works for a paper in Chi-town; and former T-News writer Eric O’Connor will drive down from Madison, Wis., where he’s working on his Ph.D. in Taking Over the World. The whole thing will only last 24 hours, but here’s the itinerary — get off the plane, hit the Sears Tower for our one tourist moment, stop at Pizzeria Due, a hotspot recommended by Channel 2’s Matt Pearl (a Northwestern grad). After that, we’re taking the train north to Wrigleyville and playing it by ear, although we’ve got cheap upper deck tickets already in hand. By the next morning, the whole thing is done. Ryan Dempster is on the hill for the Cubbies while Aaron Harang follows suit for the Reds. We hate those Reds.
If I run into P.J. Franklin, the day will be complete.


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