(In best Cosell) “Down goes Pearl!”

So, first Channel 2’s Matt Pearl reneged on the autographed photos he promised to send for orphans, then he tries to pawn off this photo as one from Barcelona when everyone knows he’s simply on assignment at All-High Stadium. Now Pearl wants a piece of me in an Anchorman-style hockey playoff pick ’em:

It’s with trembling hands I type this.

In all seriousness (or at least some seriousness), this gives us something to do with the Sabres already soaking up rays at Transit Valley.

I’ll let the TV guy lead things off:


Eastern Conference

Canadiens over Bruins in 5: The Bruins like to slow it down and suck the energy out of the game, but I can’t see them pulling that off against a disciplined Canadiens team. I think this will be a good “get-your-feet-wet” series for young Montreal goalie Carey Price.

Penguins over Senators in 5: Were it not for their injuries and overall sense of free-fall, I could see Ottawa making a series out of this. In the meantime, we’ll find out if this highly-touted Penguins team is ready for prime time.

Capitals over Flyers in 5: As much as I love Briere and Biron, I don’t have a lot of faith in Philly in this series. My guess is they’ll try to physically pulverize Ovechkin and force the other Cap forwards to step up, and I don’t think that plan will work very well for Philly.

Devils over Rangers in 7: This is where growing up a Devils fan in Jersey may cost me in the Challenge: I think the Rangers will win this series, but I can’t in good conscience be on the record as picking ’em to beat Jersey.

Western Conference

Red Wings over Predators in 5: Western Conference No-Brainer #1. I actually like Nashville a lot, but I don’t like ’em enough to take down the President’s Trophy winners.

Sharks over Flames in 4: Western Conference No-Brainer #2. The Sharks have been red-hot, especially since they added Brian Campbell at the deadline, and I don’t see that stopping against a relatively average Calgary team.

Avalanche over Wild in 6: Upset alert! That 3-seed is ripe for an upset, especially when they play as boring a style at Minnesota. The Avs feature a superior goalie in Jose Theodore and a strong core of forwards to put the pressure on the Wild.

Ducks over Stars in 7: Tough to pick a winner here; I’m a fan of the make-up of both teams going into the playoffs, but I’ll give the edge to the defending Cup Champs and the unstoppable J.S. Giguere in net.

FYI — my picks are soon to follow. And the thing about autographed pictures for orphans was an April Fools joke.


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