Amerks update

Blue Cross Arena
As much as Sabres management has been kidneypunched for its mishandling of the team’s current roster, the truly confounding story is in Rochester, where things have gotten so bad that Hall of Fame night has become a source of embarrassment. I’ve said all this before, but what’s happened with the Amerks is one of the greatest debacles in minor-league sports history. Rochester is a great town, and supports minor-league sports with incredible zeal. Blue Cross Arena provides a great experience — the building is old, but one of the better in the minors; the location on the banks of the Genesee River provides great views; and since it’s smack downtown, walking to and from dinner and a beer is a snap. Also, the Amerks have the unfair advantage of getting the top prospects from two franchises instead of one. Here’s all the Amerks had to do — don’t tick off the two teams. Oops. Since Steve Donner told his young group that they weren’t good enough, they’ve fallen to bits. At least Mike Weber, Andrej Sekera and Pat Kaleta will get a few more starts, as the Sabres sent the trio back to Rochester on Sunday.


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