No Orange, Fisher on All-American teams?

I’m a big fan of the Syracuse Post-Standard’s Bud Poliquin, whose daily BudBlog is a must read during the college basketball season. In a recent post, Bud hints that the Associated Press’ decision to include 47 honorable mentions to its All-American team cheapens the value of all-star team selections. He’s right. And sarcastic.
But then, Bud asks why no Syracuse players were among the 62 total selections (five first-team, five second-team, five third-team, 47 HMs). C’mon Bud, really? Was Donte Greene deserving? If there was an All-American team for tallest jump shooters, maybe. NF’s Jonny Flynn will be an HM next year, and a member of the the top teams the following season. As for Paul Harris? Tough call. I like what I saw down the stretch, but I’m still not sure he’s the type of talent who can lead a team deep in the tournament. And the fact that Jim Boeheim called on Flynn to take most of the team’s big shots speaks volumes.

• And while we’re on the subject of the AAs, the decision to omit Niagara’s Charron Fisher was a sound one. He was, of course, the nation’s leading scorer. But Fisher’s career was more about finding a niche than anything. If he played in the Big East, Fisher’s shot total would have been considerably lower, not to mention his scoring average. Don’t get me wrong, though — watching Fisher was never, ever boring.


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