Buffalo/Toronto connection revisited

Dunn Tire Park
It’s been speculated on before, but let’s do it again. With Cleveland likely to relocate its minor-league baseball affiliation to Columbus, there’s a hole here in Buffalo. As printed in the Syracuse Post-Standard it’s possible the Mets might be moving to Central New York. That would make the Blue Jays a perfect fit for Dunn Tire Park, right? Not so fast. The Blue Jays have been known for skimping when it comes to minor-league affiliates, and the Rich family has prided itself on Buffalo’s product being a consistent winner. That begs the question:
Would you rather see a powerful National League affiliate or a weak American League one?
I’d probably prefer the latter, but I only get to a few games a year. And I’m a Jays fan at heart.

• Speaking of the Jays, an incredible deal in theory is Toronto’s $2 Tuesdays. But wait. Some who’ve bought the tickets have noted that two bucks doesn’t necessarily mean two bucks. Still, to see the Mariners in June — even if it’s $8 after surcharges — is still a heck of a deal.


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