Pregame Sabres/Canadiens

Sweet torment. It’s fun being pulled through the emotional wringer sometimes, isn’t it?
Yes, tonight’s game against Montreal means something, but is it really worth our emotional investment? A couple pre-game thoughts:

• Give Bob Gainey a huge gold star for making a move to Carey Price. I certainly wouldn’t have had the stones to go against conventional wisdom, and that’s why I’m a writer and he’s a GM. Price has been incredible during the Habs run, going 10-3 since they traded Cristobal Huet. Here’s what Guy Carbonneau said about him:

“I think everything that we’ve thrown at him, he’s responded very well. He did the same thing in junior, he did the same thing last year in the American (Hockey) League, he seems to get better when the pressure’s on and the games are important.”

Course, Huet’s won seven straight in Washington.
How much fun would a Washington-Montreal first-round series be?

• It’s crazy how things have changed on defense. With Jaroslav Spacek returning tonight, there’s no chance Lindy Ruff will sit either Andrej Sekera or Mike Weber, both of whom are still fresh off the farm. It’ll probably be Nathan Paetsch who sits, but the long-term effect is obvious — Dmitri Kalinin probably won’t wear a Sabres sweater again.

• Derek Roy just keeps getting better. He’s got a 10-game points streak heading into tonight, and has become their go-to guy on offense.

• The opposing ebb and flow of the Sabres and Senators is incredible. Two seasons ago, Ottawa started hot, and Buffalo caught fire down the stretch. Last year, the Sabres started with 10 wins, Ottawa was awful early, then the Sens put it together in time for a run to the finals. Now, the Sabres are scrapping and sure enough, the Sens are diving. This story from David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail says it all — do the Senators need therapy?


One response to “Pregame Sabres/Canadiens

  1. Leslie McCrea

    If I didn’t know who wrote this, I’d think it was the “Canadians”

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