Sabres post-mortem

To be honest, this is best. The healing can finally begin. A group of talented, but largely inexperienced guys who’ve cringed inside every time they’ve heard the phrase “Presidents’ Cup” can finally exhale.
The Sabres’ ugly loss to the Canadiens was another in a series of roundhouse rights the team has weathered during a horrific sequel to last year’s season.
A couple things to ponder:

• Steve Bernier again played sparingly. His off-season will be one of the team’s biggest variables. Is Big Bear ready to become a bear, and not just big?

• I love Montreal in the playoffs. In fact, I’ll come out right now and say it — the Canadiens will reach the Cup finals. Unfortunately, they’ll get slaughtered by Soupy’s Sharks. I’m going to repeat myself:
How fun would a Montreal-Washington first-round series be?

• I’m softening on Ales Kotalik. Not because he scored, but because the Sabres don’t seem to have any other option on 5-on-3s. Kotalik’s cannon scares teams, and opens plenty of things up down low. At his salary, I’m not against bringing him back next season.

• How would a pairing of Henrik Tallinder and Andrej Sekera look? Fast, strong and with plenty of offensive skill. Toni Lydman has played his way off the team’s top pairing in my eyes.


One response to “Sabres post-mortem

  1. Obviously, the prospect of playoff hockey without the Sabres is disappointing. But we all know that even if they squeaked through, they would have been bounced in the first round. I guess I root for the Caps now. Cause I pretty much hate everyone else.

    Aside from the Bern-yeah game, we didn’t get much out of “Big Bear.” I was disappointed last year that we didnt’ sign Zubrus, but won’t miss Bernier if we don’t sign him.

    Lots of talk this morning that Darcy will be held accountable for all this. I hope that’s not the case. I still hold him in high regard.

    Lovin’ the blog, Tim.

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