Sabres/Leafs follow

A few other things from Tuesday’s shootout win:

• Giving up goals in the first minute of a game — something Ryan Miller’s done a league-worst four times this year — is more about preparation than anything else. Miller’s pre-game routine is well-known, but what about his teammates’? Give Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild credit for one thing (and there aren’t many), the Bills offense usually came out of the gate strong. That’s preparation. Adjustments are a completely different component. Lindy Ruff’s proved a master at adjustments, but should we question the preparation?

• Mike Weber is green. He’s good, but it’s obvious he still can’t make up his mind quick enough when it come to pinching in. If that’s the case, err on the side of safety.

• The premium seats at the ACC ($350 plus GST) remain empty for the first five minutes of every period while the beautiful people hit the Platinum Club. Couldn’t you take those 700 bones, buy a bigger TV and stay home?

• If Boston wins tonight, it marks the first season that both the Leafs and Sabres won’t make the playoffs. Give Associated Press writer and all-around good guy Mike Haim credit for that tidbit. When Haim tried to get a comment on the story, thinking he had a great scoop, he asked Harry Neale to talk. Neale turned to everyone in earshot and said, “Did you guys hear this?”
End of scoop.


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